Reforming Healthcare. Inspiring Life
Reforming Healthcare. Inspiring Life

Surgical Support

Any type of operation or surgery is a complex procedure and needs lot of planning, preparation & support. This range of innovative products provides the required support at various stages. With their help any critical requirement arisen during operation could be easily fulfilled.



  • Overall approx. size 390mm W x 740mm D x 1080mm H.
  • Approx. 25mm x 25mm square tube frame.
  • SS tray in head low position.
  • Modular system with 3 drawers.
  • Tray for ambu bag.
  • Adjustable IV rod & lamp arrangement.
  • Bottom tray for mounting suction apparatus.
  • Trolley mounted on 100mm-dia non-rustiing castor.
  • Pre treated & powder coated.