Reforming Healthcare. Inspiring Life
Reforming Healthcare. Inspiring Life

ICU Advance care

These are technologically advanced, high-tech products built with perfection & precision. These beds have been envisaged considering the complexity of the ICU operations and the critical stage of the patients' health. They provide maximum comfort to the patients and efficiently support the latest healthcare practices.



  • Easily removable polymer moulded head and foot end boards for easy access to the patients.
  • Minimum height of 420mm for the convenience of patients to get in and out of the bed
  • LED backlight on patient control to improve the visibility of control buttons at low light conditions
  • Auto contour button on patient handset prevents the forces urging on the patients foot end while giving the backrest position.
  • Conveniently mounted nurse control panel at the foot end of the bed enables the staff to easily control all the functions of the bed and to lock individual function of patient handset if required. Electronic CPR button on the nurse control.
  • Clear access to bed from bottom and top for effective bed cleaning.
  • Heavy duty IV pole for syringe pump

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Approximate

  • Length : 2220mm
  • Width : 1090mm

Height Adjustment

  • Min : 420mm without mattress.
  • Max : 700mm without mattress.

Mattress Platform Dimensions

  • Length : 1965mm
  • Width : 920mm

Safe working load

  • Load : 200Kg

Optional Accessories

  • 100mm thick four section PU foam mattress
  • Battery backup
  • Chart Holder

Maximum Height upto 700mm without mattress

Minimum height upto 420mm without mattress

Trendelenburg position

Reverse Trendelenburg position

Conviniently located foot pedal for easy operation of central locking casters

Dual side manual CPR release levers for backrest

Stainless steel urine bag holder

Wired patient handset with LED backlight